How do we work?

We use a diagnostic approach

Our diagnostic approach is novel and valuable because it targets problem areas, rather than imposing whole new ways of working. With significant expenditure on projects, any increase from that meagre 25% success rate brings substantial cost savings and other benefits.

We use simple tools and techniques, based on long experience

Project Doctors' services have now been applied both to projects with a substantial IT component and increasingly to projects of other types. Techniques and methods have been learned from practical experience and honed by extensive collaboration with project managers from differing backgrounds. They are embodied in a set of services, supported by a simple tool-kit.

We monitor recovery

As increases in success rate may take some time to be seen, other metrics are employed as indicators of progress towards improvement.

We want recovery NOT addiction!

We aim to provide solutions to your project management problems rather than create a dependency on our services. We will actively seek 'win-win' arrangements with customers, associates, and suppliers. Open communication will be the norm unless there are good reasons for preserving confidentiality e.g. at the request of a client. Whilst differences of role exist, we value all equally.