What do we do?


Project Doctors provide services in the areas of Inspection, Advice, Execution, and Education.

Inspection provides problem solving for projects - it involves looking at how a project is being conducted, diagnosing any problems, and prescribing a course of treatment to return it to full health.

Some mixture of Checkup, Consultation, and Prescription are likely to be involved.

Advice provides more systemic problems - it may involve looking for problems which occur across many projects and suggesting appropriate remedies; it may help with the implementation of project governance or "lean and mean" project management.

Some or all of Epidemiology, Vaccination, Family planning, or Dietary advice may be involved.

Execution is actually doing key project management tasks - assisting with project startup or intervening when things go wrong.

Surgical intervention, Intensive care, Convalescence, or Obstetrics may have parts to play.

Education is the transfer of information by means of presentations, courses, coaching or mentoring.



Project Doctors customers so far have been public, academic and private sector organisations including:



Our track record shows that Project Doctors make a significant contribution wherever their help is sought.

The assignment manager for a review commented ...

Thanks for the superb and unstinting support you have given us on this assignment. If we had been forced to manage without you, the report would have been much the poorer

The following was received unprompted from an attendee at a 'Project Assassin' presentation ...

...it was a very useful presentation. Afterward - I couldn't help looking at my project and seeing 'assassins' everywhere. In a way it made me a bit negative about my whole team, and I reached the point of thinking 'no-one gets it'. I was frustrated. Really frustrated. We were just drifting. It was death-while-still-alive levels.

And then an interesting thing happened. With some built-up emotion, and more than a few nerves, I went to the project leader and said 'If you don't change what you are doing, this project will die'. 'Oh no it won't' he said 'Oh yes it will and here's why' said I. At then end of it he 'hmmmed' a bit and said 'Thanks leave it with me'. (I was also relieved that I still had a job!)

The next day he came to me and basically said 'Right, what do we need to do to change things?' And so change them I did, and we are now going so much better. So can I therefore say 'Thanks - you helped save a project, and I think what you do is excellent.'

The sponsor of a project which had been reviewed commented ...

I was a bit uncertain as to what to expect when we organised this review and was not sure if there would be any true value. The reality of the situation is that there was immediate value - it became very clear to me that there are some key issues requiring resolution. Your review certainly brought these into focus for me and has allowed me to prioritise and take appropriate action to move us forward.

Thank you for undertaking the review I am sure the project will see the benefits.

A key client team member involved in the introduction of project management looked back on a productive year and noted ...

I didn't believe that this company would come this far in one year - well done!