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Project Doctors provide a set of products (many of which can be made available 'remotely' as well as face-to-face) to diagnose problems in projects and to provide appropriate treatment

Check-up Consultation Prescription
Check-up Consultation Prescription
a quick assessment to see where problems might be found in a project a detailed assessment of potential problems areas a recommended course of treatment for a project
Surgery Intensive care Convalescence
Surgical intervention Intensive care Convalescence
a brief but significant intervention in a project to fix specific problems constant attention to a project for a short time monitoring recovery of a project


Project Doctors also operate at the programme, portfolio or company level to ensure the health of project, programme and portfolio management processes.

Epidemiology   Vaccination
Epidemiology   Vaccination
identification of systemic problems in the project environment   preventative measures against the spread of systemic problems
Pills Cot Diet
Family Planning Obstetrics Dietary Advice
the introduction of Governance to stop "unwanted projects" from project conception to birth keeping project management "lean and mean"