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Same old problems

Mankind's ingenuity?

I am bemused by the way it is the same set of problems with projects that I always seem to be encountering despite the wide variety of sectors and types of project with which I have now dealt. This is either testament to the good work of my colleague and alter ego the Project Assassin or yet another example of the inventiveness of mankind in finding ways of not doing what is good for them!

Project Management is now recognised but ...

With "project management" on many more lips these days, it is at first surprising to find these same problems repeating themselves. Of course, that the phrase often stays "on the lips" and never really permeates the brain goes a long way towards explaining the phenomenon.

Softening up

I'm beginning to detect another theme though. Recently, the "softer side" of project management has been gaining in prominence - indeed I'd like to think I have played my part in that. For some reason though, planning is often given less prominence in this area. Is a focus on people being used by some to avoid the (to them) rather mundane planning that surely lies at the core of all the PM disciplines? Planning is acknowledged to be essential when dealing with relatively predictable things like software, fighter aircraft or bricks and mortar. Is it possible that some think that the more unpredictable something is the less planning is required? Or am I missing the point and this is just an excuse not to do the "boring stuff"?

I smell a presentation coming on ...